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In the world of education and training, having a client base as discerning and demanding as senior executives is right up there. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. For us, it’s essential that we walk the talk. If not, you’d see right through us, and quite rightly too. So we have placed three founding principles at the heart of what we do:


Industry Expertise

Blending academic rigour with the latest industry expertise.

This is reflected in the quality of our advisory board and learning partners, who not only have vast experience of both but also understand the alchemy required to combine the two effectively and creatively.


Fundamental Knowledge

We believe fundamentally in knowledge as a key driver of growth and achievement in the 21st century economy.

And that learning is a life long activity and every learner travels a unique journey, requiring a customer-first ethos with bespoke programmes of guidance and support.


Quality First

We put quality first and always strive for excellence and added value in our services, products, and relationships.

We aim to be transparent, fair and responsible. If we make you a promise, we stick to it, and if we make a mistake, we put it right.


Our Mission


To rid the world of boring learning, one course at a time

To give access to high quality professional and accredited learning regardless of academic background or experience

To create a positive and lasting impact, helping professionals and organisations to do more, achieve more and be more


Our Values


DRIVEN. We are not content with good! We want to always deliver the best learning experience possible

FOCUSED. Everything we do is focused on the learner, their experience, needs and development

AGILE. We provide a fresh approach to learning and development. We respond quickly and build programmes to address the challenges faced by professionals in the real world

QUALITY. We follow the Plan, Do, Check, Act approach. Put simply, we are always looking to continually improve. Standing still is boring.


Our Brand Promise


To deliver learning experiences with lasting impact, putting our learners and their professional development at the centre of our focus



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Why Choose INPD

In Professional Development provides accredited leadership and management courses, transforming the learning of professionals across every sector.

From your first contact with us, we will help you tailor the precise training you or your company needs.

That’s the INPD way.

Benefits of using INPD

  • Our courses and programmes are delivered face-to-face in modern, convenient locations and can also be delivered in house on your premises
  • Receive maximum return on your training and development investment
  • Get involved in high-quality, content-driven events and programmes that enable specialist communities to meet, connect, network and share knowledge