Name: Mark Songhurst

Company: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Course: Agile Project Leadership Project


Improving project management to benefit healthcare in the NHS.

Mark is the Project Manager of Scan4Safety at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust – the largest provider of specialist paediatrics and adult care in England.

In the last four years it has developed a reputation as a centre of excellence for Scan4Safety, a Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) initiative that enables the delivery of better patient care, improved clinical productivity and supply chain efficiency in the NHS.

Scan4Safety is a small team that relies upon collaboration with other departments, however after using traditional project planning and finding it does not lead to efficient delivery, the Scan4Safety team needed to find better solutions.

Our agile leadership course was recommended to enhance Mark’s skills and enable him to lead in a way that aligns with the Trust’s values.

Mark’s thoughts

The agile leadership course was extremely insightful and well-taught. It was significantly better than previous training I had completed through other training providers.

Our excellent tutor added to this experience, and had a clear passion for the subject. The tutor engaged with our group so well that myself, nor the other attendees, were ready to leave at the end of the programme. We all felt there was so much more to learn.

I have gained an excellent understanding of the concepts and cultures behind Agile, and how they can be applied to the workplace. The exercises and practical sessions allowed us to put the theory into practice, which highlighted the importance of getting the culture and people right.

I feel that the skills and knowledge I have developed across different courses can now be brought together and implemented effectively. It has all allowed me to gain the relevant clarity and be able to integrate this into the way we work at Leeds Teaching Hospitals.

Applying the learnings

I have already started to make changes that will benefit not only myself, but also the wider organisation.

We have begun to implement ‘user stories’ and the Agile method of documenting these stories clearly within our meetings. We are carrying the learnings from the programme across to our team, to improve their understanding of Agile, as well helping them feel more supported in the context of the current challenges in the NHS.

I am hoping the impact of these changes will enable Scan4Safety projects to run far more efficiently and help us provide a better service to the organisation.


I would highly recommend the course and In Professional Development as a training provider.

At the end of the course, I felt confident in implementing the change process to Agile working. I am aware that it is about taking small steps and choosing the tools that apply not only to your situation, but to your organisation as well.

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