If you are driven and looking to succeed, attending a Face to Face course will provide you with a human element to learning as well as further insights that will benefit your career and business, and help you when moving forward. 

The pandemic shocked us all and we had to adapt to a new reality where virtual meetings and courses took precedence. Moving forward, we all took the time to reassess our values and our own career goals. Since the last lockdown, we have been slowly reintroduced to a world where there is a mixture of Face to Face and virtual demand. So why is it so important to reintroduce yourself to Face to Face courses?

What to Consider When Choosing a Face to Face Course? 

Social interaction is pivotal to the way that we absorb information, from body language to social support.

Being a part of a group that has similar experiences or questions will build your confidence, help you to gain an understanding and appreciation of reciprocal awareness, and build upon your conflict resolution skills. This will be beneficial to you when moving forward.

Top Five Benefits of Meeting Your Tutor Face to Face 
  1. Your tutor will be able to gauge your progress and retention of information
  2. It will allow your tutor to personalise conversations and relate their personal experiences to your own
  3. Tutors will be able to provide high-quality interaction and there will be fewer distractions
  4. The course will feel more immersive
  5. It enhances your problem-solving skills
Top Five Benefits of Meeting your Peers Face to Face 
  1. You will be able to engage with the content more
  2. You will exercise and develop your critical thinking skills
  3. You will be able to communicate goals
  4. You will be in a focused and productive environment
  5. You will be able to build and develop strong relationships that may be beneficial to you and your career
There is a Need and Demand to Continue with Face to Face Learning 

As we continue to move forward, past lockdowns and pandemics, we embrace modern yet traditional methods that work for us as human beings.

If you still aren’t convinced that Face to Face is the way forward, look at these eye-opening statistics that demonstrate the demand for Face to Face courses.

Stats on Face to Face Communication: 
  • Nine in ten people say small meetings are their favourite communication method
  • Remote meetings generate on average 10.43 ideas, while in-person meetings generate an average of 13.36 ideas
  • Nearly 100% of people say Face to Face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships
  • The close rate for in-person meetings is 40%
Start Moving Forward Today with In Professional Development

You’ve started to set your professional and personal goals – now what?

Moving forward and preparing for success is a process which will take time, support, and knowledge. This is where we can help you. At In Professional Development, we have designed courses that provide a personal touch to the learner’s journey ensuring that you will never feel like a number or just a name on a class list.

Our courses are enhanced to push and challenge you whilst offering a hands-on approach and support that will ensure you reach your full potential and goals, whether that be personally or professionally.

So, start moving forward today and book your place on one of our upcoming Face to Face courses.


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