Becky started working in events from a young age, starting in the hospitality industry with focus on weddings, functions and conferences. Over the years she progressed to events, venue and wedding manager.

After years in the hospitality industry and working within hotels and wedding venues Becky expressed a keen interest in improving her career and moving into the professional development industry where she could use her expertise in events to help prepare and produce the inspiring courses that In Professional Development provide.


We asked Becky the following questions to find out a bit more about her.


Becky, if you could sum up In Professional Development in 3 words what would they be?

Innovative – Exciting – Educating.


What do you want to bring to In Professional Development?

At INPD I would love to demonstrate to the team how my attitude and manner can assist in the success rates of the courses that INPD provide. I believe that my time management and organisational skills will eventually in the future allow INPD to provide more training courses and hope that we can increase the repeat business from our training courses.


What are your first impressions of working at In Professional Development?

The first impression that I got from coming into the INPD team was how well that the departments work together in the office, it’s lovely to come into a team where the goal and values of the company is evident across the office and you can see that the employees enjoy coming into work.


What do you like the most about working at In Professional Development?

At INPD, I love the way that nothing is the same on a day to day basis. It’s very exciting to be based in the office one week and then exploring other locations the next. It is always great to have new challenges and working on the event deliverability in different locations is a nice challenge and lovely to meet all the different tutors and delegates.


Since you started at In Professional Development, what have you been doing?

In my first week at INPD I have had a lot of experience working onsite at the different venues to ensure the courses run smoothly and gaining experience of how the different methods of each course work. It was very interesting to sit in the CMI Level 5 leadership and management programme being ran by David Smith-Collins.

This really helped me to understand what  INPD are providing to the delegates and the interesting improvements that the learning can have in everyday life. It was such fun to join in the activities and games on the course.


What would you say your biggest non-work achievement is?

Up to date my biggest achievement I would say would be the purchase of my first house, it has been a dream of mine to purchase a house after saving up for the past 6 years whilst also renting. I am very proud to continue to develop the house as well with our current plans for extensions and renovation, it is always great to come home and have a task to get on with!


What would you say is your favourite pass time?

During the time when I am not dealing with everyday life one of my favourite pastimes is to Ski, this is quite a new hobby of mine however I find it enjoyable learning a new skill which is something that I feel doesn’t happen as you get older.  Another one of my favourite things to do is arrange short vacations to different locations over the world where I can go and explore and learn about the culture of other countries.


It’s great to have you on board Becky!


If you would like to know more about what we do visit INPD or head over to our Linked In page for more thought-provoking ideas.

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