In > Professional Development welcomes Laurence Kellett as Email Marketing Executive.

Laurence started working in digital marketing in 2012, focusing on SEO & content. Over the following seven years he progressed into an email marketing role, after taking happily to the healthy mix of creativity, design and data analysis.

We have it on good authority that he’s very much looking forward to seeing where his journey with in > Professional Development takes him, and working as part of our fantastic team.

We asked Laurence the following questions to find out a bit more about him.


Laurence, if you could sum up in > Professional Development in 3 words what would they be ?
Head strong, friendly and knowledgeable.


What do you want to bring to in > Professional Development?
I want to bring a fresh and dedicated focus to the email marketing channel as this is a key communication channel for in > Professional Development.

I’ll be putting a lot of effort into making sure each message has intriguing content, correctly timed sends and that the courses are all optimised. Ensuring any and all recipients of our emails only see relevant, timely and high-quality content.


As far as initial attractions go, what was yours for in > Professional Development and why?
I was initially attracted to the friendly and close-knit office environment that I experienced during my interviewing process.

But since starting and upon reflection, I feel the biggest attraction to me was coming from large organisation and into a small, fast paced and very personal company. This is a major pull for me, as you really do feel part of a team and every little contribution counts!


What are your first impressions of working at in > Professional Development?
My first impressions are that everyone at in > Professional Development works hard, knows their role inside and out and all work together towards a common goal.

There’s an extremely friendly vibe and a great atmosphere in the office. Which makes for a great working environment. Each employee has a strong belief in the products and offerings, meaning they bring their A game each day.


Since you started at in > Professional Development, what have you been doing?
Since I started, I’ve been familiarising myself with the current processes, learning about the courses, their USP’s and how different markets and sectors respond to them, as well as thinking of ways to improve currently established processes.

I’ve been focusing on all things email marketing; split testing, design changes and improvements to enhance the customer journey and contact points.


What do you like the most about working at in > Professional Development?
That’s a tough one! I would say the open communication in the office, easy-to-collaborate atmosphere.

Firing questions around the room and getting instant answers from a team that are more than happy to dedicate at as much time as possible to help me with my query.

There’s a real passion for what we sell here, it feels like we all have a personal involvement in the products.


What would you say your biggest non-work achievement is?
My biggest achievement to date would be completing a 10km race in 40:30, having only been running for 5 months.

Whilst not an amazing achievement, I was proud to have gone from my first ever run in November 2018 (2 miles in 17 minutes) to running a 6:30 per mile pace 10k in March of 2019.


What would you say is your favourite pass time?
Despite enjoying running, I’m cyclist at heart, and tend to gear my summer holidays around tackling some of the best cycling spots in Europe – Scotland, Italy, Spain, France, Mallorca etc.

Another favourite pass time of mine is playing in a Brass Band, where I can be found hiding behind, and playing, the biggest instrument in the band – the BBb Bass.


In Professional Development at Appley Bridge, Wigan Pictured Laurence Kellett


Thanks Laurence – its great to have you on board!

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