How much more positive have you felt since we began the Roadmap journey out of Covid?

Do you feel as if there is some hope? Some ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel? Or do you still need to look for it?

How do we motivate ourselves, as managers and leaders (and those in our teams) towards this ‘light’?

Such Motivation Functions on Three Levels:
  1. WHAT we are doing
  2. HOW we will do it, and
  3. WHY we are doing it (the real reason/future vision, that inspires us).

When these three levels are aligned, it gives us and our workforce a filter through which to make positive, motivated, decisions.

The Importance of ‘Why?’

The ‘what’ and ‘how’ are important of course, but they don’t inspire us. They are not enough to spur us and our teams on to work through challenges along our journey towards the ‘light’. The ‘why’ provides that inspiration. Sharing your ‘why’ with your team and making it relevant to them will also increase your accountability and theirs too.

The Moment When Resilience and Positivity ‘Kick-in’

When all three levels are in balance, we and our team members will say to ourselves with absolute clarity and certainty, “We know what we want, we know why we want it and we know how to get there.” This statement bolsters resilience and allows positivity to step up and kick negativity into the long grass.

A Simple, Powerful Process

To keep our workforce motivated, the first step is to work with them on establishing their ‘why’ and how that relates to that of the overall team and the business as a whole. The next step is to agree a bite-sized series of objectives, which are the milestones they will achieve along the way, to get to that ‘light’, that long-term goal.

Having a vision, an end goal, and a ‘why’ for you and your team, will help you get to that ‘light’. Just like Boris’ Roadmap.

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