So, like a pupating caterpillar, you are now emerging from your metaphorical cocoon and stretching your leadership wings ready to fly. What should your priorities be?

How about starting with a focus upon yourself and carrying out a self-care health check?

Extending love, care and compassion to yourself is the best thing you could do right now to positively prime your future leadership adventures and upcoming challenges, after just over a year of restrictive practice.

Time now for you to reflect, re-balance, and re-focus.

Make a plan for yourself and be prepared to activate it.

This may not come easy to you at first, and it you are having difficulties with this concept, try and see yourself through the eyes of someone else. Someone who values you and appreciates you very much.

Stop being too harsh on yourself, stop the critical internal voices and release any judgemental emotions that you may be carrying around. Let them go!

You are worthy and worth all of the joy and success in your life and career, and more. Do not let the last year erase the fact that you have come so far and achieved so much already.

Renew your personal and professional goals and rediscover your personal and professional purpose.

Reignite that fire inside which drives your leadership passion. Re-engage with your leadership movement and realise your full potential. Remember, you are always in the right place and at the right time to move forwards.

If you are energised by interaction with people, find others you can positively engage with. But if you are driven by being alone, then find some space for yourself.

Resist any feeling of guilt, fear of rejection and remove all self-limiting belief. Find joy and focus upon success.

“Me time” will revitalise and energise you so take back control and have some… today!

Be the authentic you. Empower yourself and others as much as possible. Similarly, establish an accountability structure that motivates and encourages a culture of learning. As Nelson Mandela once said, “we never fail as leaders, we either win or learn”.

Commit to bringing your whole self to work today and every day.

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