Knowledge is power, this statement remains true in every profession. With regards to networking and professional development, what is the link? No matter what level you are, or title you hold, you will always find that you will learn more when you are in an environment that facilities networking. Other professionals can contribute to your development, whether that be knowledge or previous experiences that will benefit you, your organisation and your overall professional development. This article from Meratas explains the importance of networking in more detail.

What is Professional Development?

Professional Development provides individuals with the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge, and it offers you the exposure to other aspects of your chosen field. The goal is to keep professionals up to date on current trends.

Three Benefits of Professional Development for Businesses
  1. Your business reputation will improve
  2. Professional development can attract more qualified candidates
  3. Partaking in Professional Development will re-energise ideas for your projects
What is Networking?

Networking supports your career development and helps you gain a better understanding of your specific industry, career or organisation. When networking is mentioned, it is believed that this is tailored to meeting new professionals. However, networking can be done within your own organisation and will help you become a prominent candidate when a promotion opportunity arises.

Three Benefits of Networking

Have you ever heard of the phrase, it is not what you know but who you know?

This can be very true when looking at progression, the relationships that you build with your colleagues, boss and other professionals within similar sectors can develop your career in numerous ways. Here are some additional benefits of networking:

  1. Get access to more job opportunities
  2. Build your confidence
  3. Develop long-lasting personal relationships

It is understandable that networking can seem a bit daunting at first, meeting new people and finding interesting conversational points is sometimes out of our comfort zone. The advice that we can provide to you is to not to keep it strictly business all the time, find out topics or hobbies that you can discuss or you could make the event that you are both attending a conversational point to get the dialogue flowing before starting to discuss business.

As you may be able to already see, networking and professional development go hand in hand together. This is why it is incredibly important to attend as many Face to Face Professional Development courses that you can if you are looking to gain knowledge and insight in your current profession.

Reiterating the Importance of Attending Face to Face Courses

It is important in a world where virtual learning has taken precedence that we reevaluate and appreciate the benefits of traditional teaching and learning methods, for example, learning in a face to face environment means you have the opportunity to connect with, problem-solve and network with other delegates to develop your relationships with expert tutors who can offer you additional support to ensure that you get the most out of your study or course.

If you are looking to improve your networking skills and develop your professional career, then start moving forward with us by taking a look at our face to face courses here.

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