We are excited to announce the launch of six one-day courses, specifically designed to help business owners, directors, managers and experienced, newly appointed and aspiring leaders, improve their own performance and that of their organisation.

The courses will run in Manchester and London over the course of 2020 and 2021 and will focus on a range of key topics. Our expert tutors Alex Firmin, James Willerton and Sean Riley will deliver courses on negotiating skills, coaching, strategic leadership, emotional intelligence and tackling conflict in the workplace.

Radio and TV journalist Paul Lockett will deliver the sixth course, centred on improving your public speaking prowess.


The new courses will be kicking off later in January, starting with the Conflict Transformation: Tackling Conflict in the workplace.

It aims to help delegates reduce any level of conflict through a proactive approach and will equip them with the skills and knowledge to confidently manage and transform difficult situations by taking a positive, assertive and effective approach. Identifying and handling conflicts sensibly, fairly and effectively will help you improve productivity, working relationships, understanding and collaboration and will reduce workplace tension.

On February 11th, we will be running the Emotional Intelligence for Leaders course in Manchester. This course will focus on developing emotional intelligence skills that are considered vital for professionals in a leadership and management position. Aimed at helping them manage professional relationships more effectively and get the most from their teams. Attending the course will show you how to assess and improve your skills and you will learn techniques and strategies to build and maintain better and more productive relationships.

Monday 23rd March, will see our Public Speaking Masterclass take place in Manchester, delivered by vastly experienced radio and TV journalist and presenter Paul Lockett. This course will provide you with key techniques and know-how to improve your performance as a presenter and to communicate with greater confidence.

By attending the course you will learn how to better use your vocal and body language skills and how to tailor your content for each audience so you can interact and engage better with them. You’ll find out how to bring dry content to life, ensure it is sharper and more focused, and how to create a stunning opening and ending to your presentation as well as everything in between!

Our fourth course, Negotiate Confidently, will run Tuesday 24th March in the centre of Manchester. This will be an engaging and interactive training course for directors and business owners, middle and senior managers, newly appointed or aspiring leaders and professionals responsible for external partnerships, collaborations and contracts. It will provide you with an insight into the golden rules of negotiation, behaviours, and trends observed in skilled negotiators, and how to identify and use ‘levers’ in negotiation.

You’ll get the confidence to prepare team, personal and organisational negotiations, reduce friction and support collaboration using win-win strategies, communicate more effectively, and build your personal resilience through tools and your confidence when negotiating.

Our Strategic Leadership Masterclass will take place in Manchester on Thursday 2nd April. This course counts for six CPD points and will introduce you to a range of leadership approaches and theories and will focus on their application in your organisation to deliver improved performance.
You will develop your decision-making abilities through new approaches and options based on sound and proven theories.

By attending this course you will gain an understanding of the difference between leadership and management, identify priorities, how to select appropriate leadership approaches in line with different situations and individuals, maintain motivation of your team and better utilise the strengths of each individual.

Our Coaching Masterclass for Leaders will also gain you six CPD points. It will take place in Manchester on Tuesday 19th May and is aimed at directors, owners, experienced leaders, newly appointed and aspiring leaders, HR and learning development professionals. The interactive workshop will provide you with the confidence to use coaching and mentoring in your day-to-day interaction with colleagues or clients. You will discover how coaching can be used to engage colleagues, align goals and provide a way to manage difficult conversations.

For those of you with more experience of coaching, the course will provide current thought leadership on the subject and how to identify and coach people with diverse strengths and capabilities in the team environment.


Please be aware that, we also offer these courses, as in-house programmes for you and your colleagues.


If you would like to know more about what we do visit INPD or head over to our Linked In page for more thought-provoking ideas.

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