Whatever people might say about 2020, and not much of it will be kind, it has been a great year for virtual training. Read below to find out how virtual training opportunities has expanded learning opportunities for 2021…

In 2019 I was travelling 5 hours for one-hour meetings, driving my children through rush hour traffic to get to music lessons, and I thought Skype was the only option for virtual training. How things have changed.

In the very early stages of lockdown 1.0, just after my previously busy diary had emptied, I signed up to an evening creative writing course delivered by Zoom by the very talented author Simon Hall. I joined a group of over 30 people, dotted around the country, for four very enjoyable workshops, during which I learned a lot about storytelling, made new friends, and awoke to intriguing new possibilities in communication.

Over the following weeks, I transformed myself from being a technologically disinterested luddite, to reasonably competent virtual tutor. At the end of 2020, InPD had delivered over a hundred virtual training courses, and trained over a thousand people to Masters level. Just as significantly, we have been societally nudged into accepting virtual meetings as an acceptable way of doing business, saving thousands of pounds and the associated environmental impact of old-fashioned travel. Even my daughter’s recorder playing seems to be improving, and her tutor tells me she has no plans to revert to the traditional classroom in the future, such is the success she has had with Zoom.

So to 2021. My prediction is that developing a high level of skill in virtual communication will be a learning priority for many businesses, with this now being perceived less of a short-term reaction to a crisis, and more a sensible and efficient way to work in the future. Skill in using virtual technology to facilitate meetings, onboard new colleagues, run virtual training, and engage with clients professionally, and in a manner that demonstrates the brand and the values of the business, will become essential in the coming 12 months, if they aren’t already.

In response to this we have consolidated the emerging thought leadership in virtual and digital work, and our own learning from our expert tutors, to develop cutting edge, evidence based training in Leading Virtual Teams; please look out for updates and we hope to see you on a virtual training course very soon.

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