Becoming a Chartered Manager is a superb way to strengthen your professional credibility and appeal more powerfully to organisations when seeking management roles.

Businesses require capable leaders to steer them to organisational success, and a Chartered Manager accreditation provides both the skills and status required to fulfil that need. Although the person responsible for selecting and placing candidates has other criteria to consider, seeing Chartered Manager status instils a great sense of confidence that you could be the best person for the role.

Below, we look at what Chartered Manager status means, how it can benefit you and your organisation, and also how you can achieve Chartered Manager status.

What is a Chartered Manager? 

A Chartered Manager is a professional who has achieved the highest status in the management and leadership industry. They have exceptional skills and a high commitment to continuing professional development (CPD), and their status as a Chartered professional in recognition of their expertise. 

To become a Chartered Manager takes investment in building the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to make a successful application for the status, which the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) will grant or deny. The CMI is the only professional body that can make you a Chartered Manager, although it is possible to study CMI-accredited courses at other institutions.

The benefits of becoming a Chartered Manager

Becoming a Chartered Manager transforms you into a considerable asset for your organisation. 

  • You’ll develop stronger management skills.
  • You’ll increase your self-awareness, a crucial factor in successful management.
  • You’ll gain more confidence.
  • You’ll reward yourself with a formidable competitive advantage, with your status confirming you have the skills and attributes required to lead successfully.

The benefits of hiring a Chartered Manager for your organisation

It stands to reason that if you are recruiting a manager with Chartered Manager status, their status is your guarantee that they can offer solutions and deliver results. You’ll be hiring someone who:

  • Follows a strict code of ethical leadership.
  • Can help to develop other members of the organisation, creating new leaders.
  • Strives to improve continuously.
  • Can reduce staff turnover by exerting a positive impact on other members of the team.

How do I become a chartered manager?

The path to becoming a Chartered Manager offers more flexibility than you might expect, and it doesn’t follow automatically that you need management qualifications to get there. Experience is also an essential teacher, and when you wish to obtain Chartered Management status, a high level of experience will prove just as valuable.

The fast track and the full assessment routes

In terms of CMI Levels, there are eight different levels in total. 

CMI Levels 2 and 3 are suited to aspiring managers, supervisors, or first-line managers. Levels 4 and 5 are more appropriate for middle management training, while Level 6 and 7 are best for senior management training. The highest accreditation – Level 8, is a qualification that only the CMI offers and is for C-level management professionals.

There are three main routes to Chartered status: fast track, full assessment with a degree, and full assessment without a degree.

The fast track allows you to submit an application if you have a CMI Level 5 Diploma or higher and three years of experience, whereas the full assessment route calls for you to have a degree-level qualification in management, business, or a leadership subject and a minimum of three years experience. You can also submit an application for full assessment if you have five years’ experience, which is equivalent to Level 5 or senior/operational management level, but you don’t have a management qualification. 

What else should you consider?

Do you require permission from your organisation? That doesn’t have to be the case; however, an organisation that understands the ways Chartered professionals can serve it better may wish to consider a corporate membership with the CMI.

Alternatively, if you’re a business or organisation leader, you may wish to invest in some training for managers at various levels. Depending on the location of your organisation, you may be able to secure some funding so that you enable your employees to attend a CMI-accredited course.

Book a CMI level course with us

Chartered Management status is an official recognition that you’ve developed the skills and knowledge, and acquired the necessary experience, to deliver an effective performance as a manager and leader. This accreditation will equip you with a significant competitive edge over others who are applying for the same role in a business or organisation, but who don’t have Chartered Manager status.

Why not start your journey towards Chartered status and book a place on one of our CMI-accredited courses? Or, if you’re a business leader, contact us about funding and find out how you might be able to provide your employees with funded CMI-accredited training. 

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