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    In this 25 page leadership guide we talk to you about key aspects of leadership, offering tips and insight into what it takes to become an effective leader, and how to navigate through inevitable change.


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    • What makes an effective leader?
    • Coaching as a leader
    • The benefits of leadership for the business and for the employee
    • Leading through crisis
    • Becoming a virtual leader
    • The new age of agile
    • Leading when you’re depressed
    • Leading beyond the glass ceiling
    • Toxic leadership
    • Continuous development as a leader and choosing the right training partner

    Continuous development as a leader

    It’s important that you choose the right training partner to support with your development as a leader. You’ll want a reputable training provider that can deliver a memorable quality learning experience, and here are some things to think about when making your decision:

    • Reputation and reviews. Look for a partner with a good bank of testimonials, independent reviews, and case studies.
    • Expertise. Training providers are only as good as the tutors delivering the learning. Make sure you’re training with industry experts with years of experience across multiple sectors, that are also continually looking to improve themselves.
    • Accreditation’s and recognition. Ideally your course will be accredited or recognised by an authority in the education sector, such as a university or an institute. Even if you choose not to opt for an accreditation, at least you know the course content has passed rigorous quality checks.
    • Account management. You want the peace of mind knowing that you’re booking onto a course that will meet your learning and development needs. An account manager can talk you through the learning outcomes of each course and match them against your requirements and expectations.
    • Accessibility. Learning should be accessible to all, whether it is delivered face-to-face in easy access venues across the UK or delivered online via the virtual classroom.

    At In Professional Development, we pride ourselves on delivering against all the key factors when it comes to choosing a quality learning partner. We deliver a range of accredited, and non-accredited leadership and management courses that are suited to senior professionals across every sector.

    Our courses are designed to strengthen the mindset and skill set of the delegate, providing practical tools and strategies for implementation within your organisation. We work with academic partners and governing bodies to offer a quality learning experience with industry recognised qualifications.

    Our qualifications are flexible and are tailored around your professional and personal commitments. Making access to quality higher education and training easy than ever before.

    Please get in touch to see how we can help meet your learning and development needs.