Name: Jojhar Heer

Company: Cadent Gas Limited

Course: Excellence in Customer Service

Company Overview

Jojhar Heer is a gas emergency call handler for Cadent Gas Limited, the UK’s biggest gas distribution business. They manage a network of more than 80000 miles of pipes which transport gas to 11 million UK customers. They also act as an emergency call advisor.

Learning Objectives

Jojhar wanted to learn best practice in dealing with customers. Jojhar wanted to obtain good customer service skills, and he engaged In Professional Development to embark on a training programme to learn these skills.

Learning Outcomes

One of Jojhar’s main takeaways from the course was that they learned to take more time and to not take ownership of a customer’s phone call straight away. Jojhar recognised that they have a tendency to jump in straight away, whereas they learned on the call it is important to pause and take the time to devise their thoughts and strategy before answering customer phone calls.

Our Tutors

Jojhar found our tutors course delivery to be excellent. They made the course very engaging and very interesting for the delegates, and they took a lot from them during the duration of the course.