Name: Laura Rees

Company: West Midlands Pension Fund

Course attended: CMI Level 5 Leadership and Management programme 

West Midlands Pension Fund

Leadership and management training. Laura Rees, from The West Midlands Pension Fund, recently attended the CMI Level 5 Leadership and Management programme. Laura is new to her role and eager to learn leadership and management techniques to progress. This course offered a wide range of knowledge and tools with a recognised qualification.

Read what she had to say about her leadership and management training experience below…


Company overview:

West Midlands Pension Fund is one of the UK’s largest pension funds, managing and administering the pension interests of our members and scheme employers. The Fund works hard to provide a customer-focused, quality service delivered cost-effectively, with the aim of securing the future of your pension.


Learning objectives and challenges:

Prior to attendance, as a young, relatively new starter to leadership and management roles, I had very little basis of the theory behind leadership styles.

I faced the challenges of imposter syndrome due to this inexperience and the requirement of my organisation for me to interact with colleagues with more knowledge and experience. As a project support/manager I also deal with constant change in my role and change management is always a big challenge.

My motivation for attending this programme was to attempt to combat these insecurities and learn more about positive ways to lead and implement change to aid my own interactions, and assist my team and other staff through constant change within the workplace.


The learning experience:

I learnt a variety of different leadership styles and the challenges that can be faced. The theory and sociological aspects discussed were also fascinating and really aided my understanding of how to lead in my own style, whilst understanding the different approaches which may be required for different people.

I thought the course was well structured and I enjoyed the general feeling of discussion rather than a more traditional classroom approach. The games and interactive activities were extremely interesting and helped me better understand the different theories and learnings.

David was a fantastic tutor- very patient, funny, and engaging. I have never been on a course with a tutor with David’s energy and enthusiasm before or since!


How has your training benefited you so far?

I found the change curve and ways of managing change very interesting. This element of learning will deeply impact my role and my dealings with team members and wider staff.

My role in projects means I am constantly adapting to change and encouraging others to embrace new innovations and practices within the workplace. This is not always met with enthusiasm, so by having these new skills I feel I will be able to harness the same level of enthusiasm within the teams.

The theory of managing change and the stages which can be recognised will aid my future dealings of change and have already had a positive impact when engaging others with new developments. This has improved my empathy and understanding and challenged me to manage change in new ways which has been met with positivity and aided my team to move towards “acceptance” more easily.


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