Name: Alanna Halsall

Company: Glass Futures

Course: Digital Marketing and Social Media

Alanna Halsall attended our Digital Marketing and Social Media Programme in July 2021.

Alanna Halsall and Glass Futures, based in St Helens, are working to create a world-first Global Centre of Excellence, an experimental research and development (R&D) and training glass facility, with the long-term goal of making glass the low carbon material of choice.

In order to achieve this, Glass Futures, a not-for-profit Research and Technology Organisation (RTO), are operating a membership scheme with industry partners, academics and other research organisations, and suppliers for a collaborative approach. Glass Futures will use the facility to provide training and development to inspire a sustainable global glass industry.

Alanna’s objectives

I personally wanted to attend this course because my education is in PR but I went straight from university into a Marketing role. There was certainly a learning gap, and while I could recite the difference between the two, I naively believed they were the same.

Our objectives for Communications and Marketing activities are to raise awareness and build our overall reputation, we value collaboration as we are ‘by the glass industry, for the glass industry’ and we want that to be known. As well as to increase membership numbers, we also want to retain them and create brand advocates.

Applying the learning

I learnt that there’s a lot we’re not doing with Digital Marketing.

One lesson that really stuck with me is that Digital is not just social media; it’s a new way of working. I will now ask myself, how can we use digital technologies to improve the experience for our members?


I found the course to be accessible to all skill levels, whether this is your first introduction to Digital Marketing or you’ve been doing it for years. The tutors were available to answer any questions and gave insightful solutions to problems within some of the attendees’ organisations.