Name: Elizabeth O’Shea

Company: APJ Solicitors

Course attended: Digital Marketing and Social Media programme 

APJ Solicitors

Digital marketing training for AJP solicitors. Elizabeth was looking for the right course that would help her develop the knowledge and skills needed to create meaningful relationships with AJP solicitors social media followers and she felt our Digital Marketing and Social Media programme offered the best support for her.

Read her digital marketing training journey below…


Company overview:

APJ Solicitors is a niche Law firm that specialise in the mis selling and PPI space but launching new products in 2020.


Learning objectives and challenges:

I’d say compliance is biggest obstacle for reactive media, and within my role I’m looking to create meaningful relationships with our followers and I felt this digital marketing training would be a great place to learn how to create these kinds of relationships with industry bloggers, journalists and current/prospective clients.

My motivation for attending this course was to see if I’m covering all the basis and to refresh my current digital marketing and social media skills. This course has given my more confidence as a marketer and that I don’t suffer from imposter syndrome anymore. I have some great tools from this course to help me back up my decisions.


Learning experience:

This course was great for me, both tutors were highly knowledgeable and very accommodating. I have learnt a lot about branding and the different tools that can be used to assist brand building on social media and brand personas. I thoroughly enjoyed the social media element of the course, Rian was very knowledgeable and I’m taking away an abundance of knowledge and tools that I can use to enhance our marketing efforts.


How will your learning benefit you in your role?

My learnings will come in very useful as we move to take our social responsibility out to the wider public and shout about it more. Currently we use this information as an internal marketing, but I would like to start using this information externally as I believe it’s a valuable piece of marketing that we need to share with our followers.

My learnings from the course have already impacted my role in a very positive way and I’m looking forward to seeing the bigger impact this has on our marketing content and social engagements.


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