Name: Enzo Montaginino

Company: ARC Europe

Course: CMI Level 5 Leadership and Management Programme

Enzo is the Training and Quality Assurance Manager at ARC Europe, a provider of professional debt recovery services.

As a call centre-based debt recovery agency, it looks to provide a quality service to clients and customers alike. This means having motivated individuals to uphold the company’s values.

A main challenge faced by the company was the search for a meaningful coaching framework to be used within a team structure.

Enzo’s motivation for attending the programme was to find out what the most recent updates on leadership and management are, having not attended any accredited training for some time.

Enzo’s thoughts

The tutor, David, was extremely knowledgeable and personable, interspersing the theory with practical sessions and reflections from his career. He was able to refer to his own experience which breathed life into the concepts we were covering.

The course was excellent, and I was surprised on reviewing all my notes of how much was covered in three days. I enjoyed the light-touch references to extra literature so you can pick which parts of the course you wish to explore further.

The course content was structured in such a way as to give a high-level view of lots of different methodologies. It gave space to further explore areas which were of interest. For me, the time management and coaching sections were particularly useful.

The support from the event coordinator, Chloe, was brilliant throughout.

Applying the learning

I will be applying elements from the whole course to my role. From the exploration of ‘ego’ to other topics such as time management, coaching and prioritisation.

The whole course was a welcomed refresher, as I have been in my role for over 15 years and it’s good to get some news ideas on board, as well as to reaffirm my current ideas.


I would recommend this course, and In Professional Development.