Coaching and mentoring training has helped Jamie to guide his organisation through the difficulties of COVID19.

Name: Jamie Adam

Company: Berneslai Homes

Course: CMI Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme

Company Overview

We are a social housing company owned by Barnsley Council and are responsible for managing 18,500 homes on its behalf as a focus for strong, resilient communities.

Challenges and Objectives

Our main objective of attending the coaching and mentoring training was to help create a culture and environment of coaching and mentoring to develop across the board, championing improvement and facilitating the ongoing discussion of how to be great for the people of Barnsley.

With the difficulties arising from Covid-19, the challenge has been keeping focused on the future while our feet remain firmly on the ground to keep doing what is necessary day-by-day.

My motivation for attending the coaching and mentoring training was a deep and well-defined concern for people, coupled with a desire to help people discover their capabilities and confidence through supporting means such as coaching and mentoring.

The biggest challenge for me was having the skills, knowledge, and confidence to be able to be part of this vocation in a meaningful way, and to support others.

The Learning Experience

I am taking away some excellent skills, tools, knowledge and other resources which I’ve already begun to develop through the course. I have learnt a great deal about the capacity of people to do amazing things, and the importance of the process of self-discernment. Every point raised and discussed was a highlight, and something I will be returning to time and time again to draw out the lessons learned.

Those involved in providing and facilitating the course helped create a learning environment with skill and ease that enabled me to make the most of the four days. This was a life-changing experience for me, for sure.

The tutors David, Alex, and William were excellent and able to support learning at a good pace and at a sound depth. Also, the service provided by the course administrator Chloe was superb, handling the event so well it really stood out for me.

How has this learning benefitted you so far?

My learning has already been applied within the organisation directly, with opportunities to put this into practice directly. The application of mentoring and coaching individually can be directly applied. Alongside this, using what I have learnt, alongside future learning, will enable me to help develop our organisational strategy where appropriate. My learning has also helped clarify my next steps as part of my own development within my role and personally, in different settings. It has helped add strength and breadth to how I am able to serve our organisational vision through well-described theories, opportunities to practice and time to reflect on the various thoughts and ideas raised.

Senior leaders within the company had already experienced training from INPD and recommended you when the course provider was being chosen.

Customer Testimonial:

I would readily and wholeheartedly recommend this training to anyone with a passion and/or interest in helping people grow and develop, for managers wondering how to get the best from their teams, for those curious about human nature, for parents…

This was one of the best courses in which I’ve had the privilege to participate.

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