Name: Matt Isherwood  

Company: Brooke Western Trust     

Course: Executive Mini-MBA Programme   

Leadership and management capability training was the main reason for Matt’s attendance of this course. His role is to provide strategic support to schools in regards to their estates and so these practical examples and theory have enhanced this.

Read about Matt’s experience below…


Company Overview 

Brooke Weston Trust is a multi-academy Trust of 10 schools and my position within the organisation is Director of Estates, where my role is to provide strategic support to the schools with regard their estate. 


Challenges and Objectives  

Having worked in the education sector for over 25years, formally a teacher and then retraining as a surveyor my experience of leadership and management has been from a relatively narrow perspective. My more recent experience drawn from leadership training gained with British Army Reserve & Cadet Forces coupled with exposure to modern corporate practice (from this course) will enable me to assist in a proactive manner the future shape of the Trust with regard the Estate function. 


The Learning Experience  

The course gave “real-life” practical examples of the theory of leadership and management. Delegates were open and giving which really brought discussions to life; the tutors clearly were skilled in facilitating this and creating a transparent ‘secure’ platform for discussion. The course had an excellent balance between general principles with sufficient detail where needed. 

Training is a genuine challenge when doing face-to-face training let alone over zoom!  


How has this learning benefitted you so far?  

I have really benefited from lots of the management processes e.g: lean/agile working principles that can be introduced to colleagues when conducting annual site reviews. Personal awareness and leadership theory principles can be utilised when conducting both ‘off the cuff’ chats but also as part of more formal discussions. Coaching principles have been and will continue to be used to support staff across the organisation. Concepts of change management and the psychology behind the behaviours was extremely interesting and will be relatively easy to apply. 

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