Name: Gurdip Jusar

Company: Cadent Gas

Course: Excellence in Customer Service

Company Overview

Cadent Gas are the UK’s biggest gas distribution business. They manage a network of more than 80000 miles of pipes which transport gas to 11 million UK customers. They also act as an emergency call advisor.

Course resources

Gurdip was very impressed with the course materials, and found the slides and handouts to be of a high standard. They added to the learning experience on the programme.

Relevance to the role

Similar to his colleagues from Cadent Gas, David also found the training to be highly relevant to his role within the business.


Also similar to his colleagues, Gurdip’s interest and attention was engaged throughout the programme. His motivation levels remained at a high level throughout.

Gurdip’s thoughts

Gurdip found the tutor to be very knowledgeable and easy to too listen too. Gurdip found the practical sessions to be the most beneficial to him. He found the course to be the best course he has done so far, as it was very specific to his work and role.