Name: Chris Jefferson

Company: FJD Consulting

Course: High Performing and Effective Boards

Chris is a director at FJD Consulting – an engineering consultancy established in 2012, operating largely in the rail sector with a turnover of £3.25m and 40 staff.

It is a company in transition from being a small to medium-sized company with an inexperienced board – none had been on any formalised training until recently.

Chris chose to attend the High Performing Boards course with In Professional Development and learn how to structure and organise the board to be more effective and to aid the growth of the company.

Chris’ thoughts

I was a very inexperienced director and our board seemed very disorganised and ineffective, mainly due to this lack of experience. I wanted to improve my knowledge of the functions of a director and help to assist making the board more organised and effective.

Applying the learning

I learned the importance of holding regular board meetings, setting items for our meeting agendas and the role of the chair and advisors.

We will now be holding regular board meetings with an agenda. We are going to nominate a chair and formalise our advisors in certain areas of the company – finance; health, safety, environment and quality etc. We will also formalise the various director accountabilities.

This will enable me to be more organised and I will worry less now all aspects of the business are assigned to different directors as nothing can ‘slip through the net’.


The course was very useful to me as I now have a greater understanding of what we need to do as a board to make our board meetings more effective.

The tutor was very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend this course to others in a similar situation to myself.