Name: Beverley Whitlock

Company: Godalming College

Course: CMI Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring Programme

Beverley Whitlock attended our CMI Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring Programme in April 2021.

Beverley is the Director of Faculty at Godalming College, a sixth form college in Surrey with approximately 2,200 students and 150 members of staff.

She attended the programme on an independent basis, having self-funded her place on it. Beverley’s motivation for attending was to enhance her skills and knowledge of coaching and mentoring.

Her current focus is on a full return to work now COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Beverley’s thoughts

The most beneficial parts of the programme were the sessions on co-coaching, openness and knowledge, as I feel that these are areas that will support me in my role at Godalming. They will also  help me to develop as a person.

The tutor, Fitzroy, was a high-quality trainer throughout the course, providing support where it was most needed.

Overall, the course was run brilliantly and was extremely informative during the whole four days.

Applying the learning

We initially introduced coaching to improve student achievement using the VESPA mindset model.

We found that offering struggling students a weekly coaching session helped them to achieve. The common issue was with organisation and time management. We also introduced the GROW model to staff. In my experience it had a positive effect as it either improved teacher practice or identified areas of their career to enhance.

I feel the programme will redesign the current coaching practice within my workplace, improving the outcomes for the coaches and the learners.

I am very excited to receive the certification for the programme from the Chartered Management Institute.


I would highly recommend the course, as it not only enhanced my understanding of coaching and mentoring but has also given me a deeper insight into the role overall.

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