Name: Hilary Cooper

Company: Independent Audit Limited

Course: Executive Mini MBA Accelerator

Company Overview

Independent Audit Limited provide governance reviews to companies of all shapes and sizes. Hilary worked for them full time, and she is now working for them in a freelance capacity – as Client and Business Development Manager.

Learning Objectives

The Directors of the company felt that this was a way to spark debate among their team about where their strengths and weaknesses were as a company, and to see their individual roles in the broader context of their business sector, and to spark conversations that would lead to development at a personal and business level.

They wanted to understand more about the nuts and bolts of how businesses work, how to build strong teams and processes, and how to grow for the future. We are very much in a transition period where the market we serve is changing due to constant regulatory shifts and we need to lead the way in helping our clients adapt.


Hilary’s company had a tendency to work in silos, with different departments not understanding what other people did, or how their work impacted on others. They also had a lack of knowledge of good practice in some areas.

Learning Outcomes

The course was a very stimulating overview. Hilary’s biggest takeaway was around values, mission and purpose and how they underpin everything. It was great to learn some marketing and finance basics, to give her perspective.

Our Tutors

Hilary had different tutors for different modules. She enjoyed seeing different styles at work and she found them all very knowledgeable.

Thoughts of the Course

Hilary enjoyed the course. It was very stimulating and gave her more confidence at work. It met all of Hilary’s expectations.

Applying the Learning

She is currently transitioning to work for her organisation in a freelance role, and this course has helped her to do so effectively. The lessons in the course also helped Hilary to address her initial objectives and challenges within her organisation.