Name: Rachael Shah

Company: JCI Manchester

Course: Strategic Leadership Masterclass

Strategic leadership learning for Rachael Shah. Aimed at helping her upskill her strategic leadership capabilities to build stronger teams.

Rachael first won herself a place on our Strategic Leadership Masterclass with William McKee as part of our Leader’s Development Initiative and after passing her initial course date onto a colleague, who would also benefit from attending, she attended our September date.

Read about Rachael’s experience below…


Company Overview

I currently dedicate my time to two organisations: JCI Manchester and the Co-operative.

JCI Manchester is the local body of the global not-for-profit organisation Junior Chambers International (JCI) that seeks to provide development opportunities for 18-40-year olds that empower members to create positive change.

The Co-operative are one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives, owned by millions of members. We are the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer with more than 2,500 local, convenience and medium-sized stores.


Learning objectives and challenges

I won a place to join the course after entering In Professional Developments social media competition. As a leader within a voluntary organisation and working a project manager at Co-op I could see there was a great opportunity here for me to strengthen my strategic leadership skills.

My main motivation, for entering the strategic leadership learning competition, was to understand how to be more strategic as a leader. Allowing me to recognise that it’s not just about business strategy but people strategy also which became really apparent during the course.


The learning experience

I particularly enjoyed looking at situational leadership again as it acted as a great refresher for me and helped me to source out new ideas and techniques to be more self-aware of where people may be up to in their career development. Using this insight, I will then be able to better support and empower my team within their roles.

The Strategic Leadership Masterclass was very practical and allowed us all to share our personal experiences which made it really interactive and had a lot of real-world application. William was a great tutor, with a vast amount of knowledge and he had an engaging delivery and communication approach.


How has your training benefited you so far?

The approach to how you get the best out of individuals in a team based on their level of competency and commitment was a real takeaway. From a development perspective, when you know where someone is then you can better support them and create high performing teams.

I believe this course will give me more confidence when delegating, help me become more self-aware and give me the knowledge to use the situational leadership model when working with team members.

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