Name: Hollie Fletcher

Company: JMDA Ltd

Course: Digital Marketing and Social Media Programme

JMDA Ltd is an interior design company. As a new member of the team, Holli Fletcher was keen to build her knowledge of marketing and social media to help grow the brand’s visibility online and maximise engagement with the public on various social channels.

Having worked with In Professional Development a number of times in the past, the company had no hesitation working with them again.

Holli’s thoughts

I learnt a lot about customers and their personas, as well as search engine optimisation (SEO) and the various different types of social media channels and how to get the best out of them all depending on the message we want to get out there.

Overall, I thought the course was very insightful, fun and interesting. Both tutors were friendly and encouraging. They had a lot of knowledge and answered every question that was put to them.

Applying the learning

I will definitely be applying my new knowledge of social media channels to my role and work out which is best for us to use. I’ve also already implemented some work on Google My Business and on local and industry directories.

I will also be using the SEO knowledge when considering the words and contents of our web pages. This will enable me to get a better understanding of our channels and how to plan my time better to get a better result.


I would highly recommend In Professional Development for the Digital Marketing and Social Media course as a wide range of topics are covered. The insightful conversations with the tutors, who were friendly, funny and knowledgeable, really made the course what it was and enabled me to make the most of the four days.