David’s thoughts

I learned that I have a desire to get the job done well and in a timely fashion. However, the programme’s “rescuer” analogy made me reflect on the fact that I can sometimes jump in and do jobs that others are meant to do and sometimes this can then become expected of me. When this happens staff will not think and learn for themselves, and I end up with an increased workload.

We have experience in open, closed, and leading questions from our work in fishery protection, however, in everyday work we can sometimes drift into the habit of using leading and closed questions. Some of the exercises reminded us that being open is better and, by rephrasing some things just a little, we may find new ideas and ways of working that benefit us and our staff.

The tutor showed great enthusiasm for the subject and provided some thought-provoking analogies and information.

I enjoyed the course and feel this kind of thing is good to make you stop and think and hopefully improve the work environment. This was done by reviewing case studies, watching videos and taking part in group exercises as well as completing individual ones.

Applying the learning

The course met my expectations though I hope future courses of this type can be done in a classroom setting rather than virtually. It worked well but I have a personal preference for face-to-face learning.

I was reminded to use more open questions, not to jump in and complete duties that others can or should do as part of their responsibilities.

The learning gave me pause for reflection. In a one-day course it was difficult to say I met all my objectives but it was enjoyable and presented me with some tools to take back to work.


The course was well planned and adapted to relevant Covid-19 restrictions. It did contain too much ‘corporate jargon’ or forced excitement which would maybe put me off some management and team building exercises.

I would love to attend further courses and would recommend this programme to anyone looking for training to upskill their management team.