Name: Leisa Coles 

Company: Ministry of Justice   

Course: CMI L7 Senior Leadership Programme  


Senior Leadership learning. Leisa attended this programme to develop her personal leadership skills and align herself as an individual with her team and the organisation.

Read about Leisa’s experience below…


Company Overview 

The Ministry of Justice are a major government department, at the heart of the justice system. We work to protect and advance the principles of justice and our vision is to deliver a world-class justice system that works for everyone in society. 


Challenges and Objectives  

The challenges were not for my organisation, as we are a wider reaching government organisation, the challenges were solely for myself. The Cabinet Office has an objective, as part of the Government Commercial Function, which is to have a world class commercial function. A key driver of this objective is strong leadership abilities, and this is where I wanted to upskill and develop my techniques. 


The Learning Experience  

The senior leadership learning embedded several factors that I understood but wasn’t aware that I was already doing them. Attending the CMI L7 Senior Leadership Programme helped with my perspective on the role I undertake, and how to deliver better as a leader, by focusing on myself first and making sure I was in the right mindset and could set the context for each situation. 

The course was useful to help with better understanding of both self-motivations and drivers, and how to use my skills as a leader. 

The tutor was driven and passionate and held a wealth of knowledge that meant it was relevant content and could provide real life pertinent examples on the matters he was discussing, he was enthusiastic and had excellent delivery of the course itself. 


How has this learning benefitted you so far?  

As above it was more about understanding myself as a leader in the context of me as an individual in my organisation, me as a leader within my team, and then the layer of me as a leader in my organisation and how they all fit together. I have learnt a vast amount on the course and I look Learning and take away from the course are varied and will be applied as the situation arises.  

The learnings won’t impact my role as such, it was more allowing me to consolidate what I already know and ensure I was delivering in the right manner and context. 


Customer Testimonial: 

I would highly recommend this course, the content was useful, informative, and very relevant. INPD were hands on with support, as this was a virtual classroom delivery, and it worked extremely well.  


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