Name: Lisa Murgatroyd

Company: One Million Mentors and JCI Manchester

Course attended: Strategic Leadership Masterclass

One Million Mentors

Our Leaders Development Initiative competition saw JCI Manchester’s, Lisa Murgatroyd win her free place on our strategic leadership training masterclass. Here is what she had to say about her learning experience with us.

“The opportunity to attend the Strategic Leadership Masterclass with In Professional Development was presented through JCI Manchester.

I was very keen to put myself forward as I have recently been reflecting on leadership styles and emotional intelligence in the workplace. I wanted to gain a better understanding of how this can be applied to my role and to further develop myself personally and professionally.”


Company overview:

I currently dedicate my time to two organisations: One Million Mentors and JCI Manchester.

One Million Mentors is a unique, community-based mentoring programme seeking to connect young people with a trained, diverse network of business professionals who provide one-to-one support.

JCI Manchester is the local body of the global not-for-profit organisation Junior Chambers International (JCI) that seeks to provide development opportunities for 18-40-year olds that empower members to create positive change.


Learning objectives and challenges:

My motivation for attending was to gain better insight into strategic leadership to support our programme delivery and organisational growth. One Million Mentors is a small, agile, start up, with a remote team based across several regions within the UK.

The biggest challenge we face is team cohesion, ensuring the mission and vision is clear and lived by all, and ensuring that our programme is proactive and ahead of the curve as opposed to reactive and ‘fire-fighting’. We have ambitious plans to revolutionise mentoring for young people, relying on developing technology and a lean team.

Aside from working at One Million Mentors, I also sit on the board of JCI Manchester. The organisation is comprised entirely of volunteers, from amongst the wider membership base, that are elected into roles to further the objectives of the chamber.

The main challenge for me here is that it’s often difficult to ensure that we are all working together effectively, when managing differing priorities and motivations. So, I was keen to take this opportunity to learn new ideas and strategies that centre around strategic leadership. With the newfound knowledge, I’m hoping to be of more support to the board and the local President leading on our mission.


The learning experience:

This was my first experience of a virtual learning environment, through Zoom. I was really impressed with the ease of facilitation, the informative content, and the learnings therein.

I enjoyed the mixture of theory and practical examples throughout the course, which gave me plenty of ideas for further learning and tools to use beyond. The course was well paced, and even whilst at a physical distance, there was still plenty of opportunity to engage and network with the other learners.


How has your training benefited you so far?

In my role as part of a small, agile charity team, I have often struggled with the lack of formal training and development which those in larger organisations may benefit from. I have learned by experience, by seeing and doing, but do not often take the time to enrich my knowledge of theory or in reflecting on my path.

This masterclass has been a fantastic opportunity to do this, and also provided a space to gain insight on a real world problem I am currently facing in developing a common language to inspire and motivate a remote team, as well as understanding the impact of change management.

I will take forward the development of personality profiling for our team and utilise this in future recruitment. I believe this will significantly improve overall performance with better understanding of team roles and dynamics, establish effective communication channels and tools, and provide a positive framework for problem solving and strategising.


You can find out more information about the Strategic Leadership Masterclass by clicking here or heading over to our courses page.

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