Name: Rachel Tata

Company: Story Homes

Course: CMI Senior Leadership Programme (L7)

Story Homes learning

Learning with In Professional Development. Rachel Tata, from Story Homes Ltd, won herself a place on our CMI level 7 Senior Leadership Programme as part of our Leader’s Development Initiative. After entering her name into the hat on our social media competition, Rachel attended the programme in July and couldn’t speak highly enough about her time on the course with tutor Steve Barry.

Read Rachel’s case study below…


Company overview

Founded in 1987, Story Homes is a family owned, Housing developer with schemes in Cumbria, North west and North East England and Southern Scotland. As a company, the mission is to design and build quality homes that people aspire to live in, and that bring something different to the areas in which we operate. We employ 500 direct staff and use up to 1000 subcontractors within our sites.


Learning objectives and challenges

Although I have a sound background in a mix of industries, both private and public sector, upon joining my existing company I recognised that there were a few development areas that I needed to focus on. This need to develop led me to enter In Professional Development’s competition on Linked In.

Whilst looking to enhance my skillset, another main motivation for attending the Senior Leadership Programme was to refresh my current skills. My skill gaps had been created through my lack of practical application, so I was very keen to fill in these gaps. I wanted my new skills to help me build a long term strategic plan for my team and aid me with the confidence to do things differently while targeting the things that will make a real difference within the organisation.

The learning experience

By winning the competition and attending the Senior Leadership Programme with Steve Barry has allowed me to self-evaluate as well as aid me with new tools to evaluate the needs of those around me in order to create deliverable development plans aligned to our strategy.

The evaluation has been key for me because it has promoted a new way of working which I’ve already seen empower my team and has also allowed me to work on strategic priorities rather than operational ones. The course has given me back at least one hour a day in real terms!


How has your training benefited you so far?

My key responsibility is people development and the learnings gained from this course will assist me in creating effective people strategies for long term success aligned to the operational goals.

I manage a team of experienced professionals however in the past it is easy place myself in deliver mode and not utilise my team fully. Attending this course has opened an awareness and understanding of the actions that in the past I have promoted and the tools to change them allowing my team to be empowered and high performing.

This will impact my role and the organisation greatly as a leadership coach these are behaviours that I cannot just model but also promote to our leaders within the business. In turn assisting the organisation to empower all employees further.

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