Name: David Bird

Company: Salford City Council

Course attended: Digital Marketing and Social Media Programme 

Course date: 01.07.19

Course Location: Manchester


Company Overview:

Salford City Council works hard to deliver top quality services to residents and operates within the local government sector. We are based in Greater Manchester and provide guidance and help in areas such as taxation, education, employment, housing and health services to local residents and businesses.


Learning Objective:

Our objective is to build a concrete company that is honest, worthwhile and secure, whilst providing high-quality services to our customers.

We are currently changing to a more data-driven service, looking at segmented audiences, targeted communications, data analytics and focusing on outcomes rather than outputs.

My primary learning objective for attending the course was to walk away feeling confident in making more informed decisions and to further develop the customer journey.



The biggest challenge for me, when working with council is ensuring that we are getting the most out of our marketing efforts, seeing the best return and engagement with our customers. This was a key motivation for attending the Digital Marketing and Social Media course.

I do not come from a marketing background and the need for me to develop a better understanding of marketing and social media was imperative.


The Learning Experience:

The Digital Marketing and Social Media programme has given me a wider understanding of digital marketing. I really enjoyed the programme with Matt and Rian – they were both extremely knowledgeable and their unique delivery styles really complemented each other. They both drew on real-life experiences and brought the course to life.


The Result:

Since attending the Digital Marketing and Social Media programme I feel my confidence has increased. I now feel more able to challenge the way we do things at the Council. I have stronger knowledge around how to use our data to challenge the norms and look at how we can better understand our customers to gain maximum results, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Following the course I feel like I now have the skills and knowledge to start building tailored communications which deliver greater rewards. I’m very much looking forward to challenging our traditional marketing channels.


Customer Testimonial:

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to develop a better understanding of how digital platforms work alongside, and complement, traditional marketing channels. I feel equipped to challenge the way we use traditional channels and how we can offer more on our digital channels.”


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