“It was by far the best professional development course I have ever attended”

Sara is the Director of Operations at the Scottish Federation of Housing Associates (SFHA), a membership organisation established to represent, connect and service social housing providers and co-operatives in Scotland.

The SFHA is in the process of developing its next three-year strategy and has developed a business plan for the financial year.

Sara has been searching for an all-round business course to provide her with the necessary knowledge and confidence, with a focus on culture, strategy development and leadership. She felt our executive mini MBA programme accelerator had the perfect combination of learning outcomes and benefits to fulfill her objectives.

Sara’s thoughts

Working within operations, I have never felt truly qualified in any one skill or discipline, as there is the need to wear many hats in different areas such as finance, HR and communications, without being an expert in each field.

The mini MBA programme provided an excellent amount of additional information. I gained a significant number of insights from the other participants on the course, such as sharing our challenges and best practices, which was all extremely invaluable. Although we came from different businesses, the challenges we faced were similar and it was great to be surrounded by like-minded professionals.

I learnt a lot of high-level strategic theories and the importance of having clear company values. I feel I have gained a deeper understanding of leadership than I initially expected, and the significance of effective leadership on changing behaviour.

The tutors were outstanding and every day was engaging from start to finish. Throughout the course they were extremely patient and generous with their time.

The suggested reading list was also extremely valuable, sign-posting attendees to additional information to expand our knowledge and understanding even further.

Applying the learning

I have already started to implement the things I learnt on the programme into our strategy. I have introduced a number of new KPIs to our financial management, as well as sharing many videos and theories with colleagues to inform and shape thinking in advance of our Strategic Planning workshops.

I have also developed a greater awareness of how I act and behave as a leader, and I am now more conscious of both the positives and drawbacks of my current leadership style.

Overall, I am very excited to continue to work through the reading list and enhance my leadership skills.


I could not recommend this course highly enough. It was by far the best professional development course I have ever attended. If you are considering attending this programme, I encourage you to enroll without hesitation.