Name: Rebekah Howe

Company: The Shared Learning Trust

Course attended: Coaching & Mentoring development programme 

the shared learning trust

Rebekah Howe attended our CMI level 7 Coaching and Mentoring programme with an objective of up skilling and developing her coaching knowledge to assist her within her role. Rebekah’s role involves her leading 1 to 1 development and group sessions, as well as partnership development.

After doing lots of research, Rebekah decided that our CMI Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring programme was the one that would help her achieve her development goals. Read what she had to say below…


Company overview:

The Shared Learning Trust has been established for 5 years and we are a Multi academy Trust of 5 schools: 2 secondary and 3 primary. We aim to provide exceptional opportunities for all to be aspirational and develop a passion and excitement for learning. Ensuring our children, students and adults cultivate a strong self-belief so that they can flourish and develop into successful, well-rounded, self-respecting people.

We’re based in Luton and work with schools in Central Bedfordshire, Luton and Bedford Borough.


Learning objectives and challenges:

My current role involves a great deal of 1 to 1 development and group training. Partnership Development is also a key part of my remit. Therefore, we felt that my attending the Coaching and Mentoring course would be beneficial for both the Trust and myself.

I had researched different courses available and I felt that the content of 4-day programme was pertinent to where I was as a practitioner and the areas which I wanted to develop e.g the benefits of working with the industry experts, personal delivery and the option to become accredited as a Level 7 practitioner in this field. The opportunity to become accredited as a Level 7 practitioner in the field was a key objective of mine: During the course of the next couple of years I am looking to leave education in its current form and a) work for Ofsted and b) be a commissioned consultant and trainer for other established organisations.


The learning experience:

Essentially, I learnt that there is always more to know in your area of expertise. I can honestly say that the knowledge and understanding that I have gained on this course, will be life changing for me.

I thought the course was incredible: thought provoking, developmental, knowledgeable and personable tutors and good fun.


How has your training with us benefited you so far?

I have given myself the last week to think about the course and organise my notes so I can truly get the most out of my learning. From this, I have been able to identify the different resources and ‘thinking’s’ that I can start to implement in my training this week and going forward.

My gained knowledge and understanding have already begun to impact me in my role. I adopted a new coaching style in many of my discussions last week, which resulted in people feeling part of the discussion and valued, importantly I feel this will go a long way in helping me create stronger teams.

I was definitely in the ‘coasting’ stage of my current role and I wanted to challenge not only my own way of doing things but also how I thought about the organisation I work in. This course presented me with the opportunity to do this!


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