Tessa works for South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, an organisation saving lives on a daily basis. Tessa wanted to better understand her position as a leader in her organisation.

Tessas’ thoughts

I learned how to be a better leader, and understood more about how I come across when I communicate with my colleagues. I basically saw what I must look like through the eyes of my team! The course was excellent and the tutor was very engaging.

Applying the learning

Back at work, I plan to communicate better with my team on a daily basis, to listen and to get their thoughts on processes and how we could do better. They will make me a better leader for my team and the organisation and make me more confident with external stakeholders.


This is a really good course if you want to find yourself, whether you’re an experienced leader or a newbie, it teaches you all about being a good leader regardless of what profession you are in, and it treats everyone the same.

I also liked how the coach engages everyone, even if you are shy! They make you feel so comfortable and everyone on the course end up being really good friends.