Name: Emma Cox

Company: Strix Ltd

Course: CMI L7 Senior Leadership Programme

Leadership development for Emma Cox from Strix Ltd. Emma recently attended the CMI Level 7 Senior Leadership Programme with David Smith-Collins, she was keen to develop her leadership capabilities as a way of helping others develop with their roles and her organisation. Emma was drawn to the programme because of the learning presented and the opportunity to gain a further professional qualification, which was something she hasn’t done in a while.

Read Emma’s experience below…


Company Overview

Strix are a global leader in the design and manufacture and supply of kettle controls and other components and devices involving water heating and temperature control, steam management and water filtration.


Learning objectives and challenges

Like most leaders in organisations, I recognise that leadership skills and experience need to be enhanced and professionally developed regularly.
As the Group HR Director, I have to lead by example, so if I am to challenge anyone on their leadership capabilities, I have to have confidence in my own.

The reason for me wanting to attend this leadership development course was to enhance my confidence and gain a greater understanding of my strengths and shortcomings. I have recognised a few areas of development and formulated ideas that I have already started to implement. Having coached and trained leaders in the past, it was time for me to turn the tables on myself and take the opportunity to sharpen my knowledge and skills. Attendance was also designed to furnish me with an up-to-date understanding of the latest models and theories surrounding leadership and be able to put these to the test.



The learning experience

Whilst on the leadership development programme, I learnt that it is OK to be vulnerable, it’s very important to be authentic, and that when I am doubting myself, it is likely that I am suffering from “imposter syndrome”.

I learnt that there are a lot of people out there with the same challenges and opportunities as me to make a difference in my organisation, and I learnt some important methodology for doing so.

The course tutor, David, was a joy.  Highly knowledgeable, encouraging, energetic and prepared to share his own vulnerability as appropriate.  He created a safe, nurturing space for us all to share our thoughts, experiences and worries.


How has your training benefited you so far?

I’ve already started talking to my leadership team about the leadership that we want and need to give to our employees. We have many exceptional people in our organisation, and it is our jobs to nurture, develop and encourage them as individuals, as well as assets to our organisation.

These learnings have given me greater confidence and I believe credibility to challenge where I need to challenge, coach where I need to coach, and cheer where I need to cheer.

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