Lynsey is the Operations Manager at Target Professional Services UK Ltd, an industry leader in personal and corporate trace solutions. Target Professional Services is a global data validation and trace specialist with over 30 years’ experience. It consistently delivers accurate, secure, GDPR compliant trace and mortality solutions to pension schemes, financial institutions, and Government authorities.

Lynsey has been with Target since 2007, and has worked as a tracer, data specialist and trainer before beginning her present role.

Her personal challenge was ‘imposter syndrome’, and felt she needed guidance on how to approach certain situations. The company’s objective was to empower Lynsey, providing her with the necessary confidence in her role, and help her generate support from her team.

Lynsey’s thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed the course as it was extremely engaging and empowering. I am a visual learner, so I really benefitted from the slides, which we were able to takeaway after the course.

I felt included at every step and found that the other attendees were all genuinely lovely people.

The tutor, David, was engaging and humorous and gave lots of ‘real life’ examples that improved and reinforced my understanding throughout. Every day was planned brilliantly, with a good number of breaks, and an overall lovely atmosphere.

Applying the learning

I have benefitted the most from gaining the confidence to feel that I can do it! It was helpful to learn that I am not the only person in my situation, and I now have the tools to support myself in my role.

I am already applying certain techniques and tools gained on the programme, using the printouts to engage others and get buy-in from my team. I feel this will have a great impact on me and my team going forward and I will be able to measure the helpfulness.


I would recommend this course as it was a lovely three-day journey. I looked forward to the next day and I missed the other attendees after the course had ended.

Thank you all involved for boosting my confidence and equipping me with the relevant tools.