Objectives and Challenges

Amy’s objectives and motivations for attending the course and completing the assignments was to gain a better understanding and learn new skills in those areas.

In her role as a H&S Manager, she found she was very technically capable, but needed guidance and support in the softer skills relating to leadership and management, such as influencing and having difficult conversations.

Learning Experience

She learned that her leadership style is very much in line with this course and its values.

A lot of the concepts were familiar to her, such as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and Herzberg’s Motivators and Hygiene Factors, but there was a good amount of new concepts in there as well that really challenged my thinking throughout the course.

She found that David was a fantastic tutor, full of enthusiasm, incredibly considerate and perceptive.

Applying the Learning

One of the key elements of the course that benefited Amy was the free child, adult, critic, victim, rescuer and petulant child model. This has improved the way she deals with situations at work, how she speaks to people, and also how she acknowledges and highlights how others speak to her.