“The teaching very much aligned to my particular learning style”

Name: Diane Norbun

Company: St John Rigby College

Course: CMI Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme

Diane is a careers advisor at Wigan-based St John Rigby College. The college was established in 1972 and currently holds an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted review.

Diane’s motive for attending the CMI coaching and mentoring course was two-fold; to improve her career coaching performance, and to take the skills and motivational tools back to the college to implement a staff-coaching culture.

Diane’s thoughts

The course has already proved extremely valuable as I feel I have significantly improved my understanding and knowledge of coaching methods and theories, the difference between coaching and mentoring, and the benefits. The aspects of the course I enjoyed the most were the coaching practices, video clips and the group breakout sessions.

I felt the structure of the sessions worked well, and I feel I preferred this to in-person courses.

Both presenters, Pierson and James, were very professional and knowledgeable. Pierson’s teaching style very much aligned to my particular learning style. James was an excellent tutor throughout the programme, sharing some brilliant resources that I feel I can refer back to.

The experience and knowledge shared between fellow attendees was extremely insightful, useful and motivational.

Applying the learning

I will integrate the coaching models into our own client meetings, as a part of our future practices. I believe this will significantly improve the quality of the service we provide, and therefore the experience of our clients.


I would absolutely recommend this CMI coaching and mentoring course, particularly for anybody who has a coaching or mentoring role within their organisation, as well as any senior managers of firms as it will help generate and implement a coaching culture.