Kelly is a medical director for a GP federation and an appraiser of GPs for Wessex Appraisal Service.

She attended the CMI Coaching and Mentoring Programme to gain a better understanding of the difference between coaching and mentoring, to develop a framework for coaching and to use these skills in her current roles, as well as arming herself with skills for the future.

Kelly’s thoughts

I wanted to do a coaching course, and a colleague and friend had already booked a place on this CMI Coaching and Mentoring Programme. It had structure and covered all points, and seemed like it would provide a sound and solid foundation.

I gained valuable insights into the differences between coaching and mentoring, into the variety of coaching models, tools, techniques and tips available, into the joy of being listened to and the importance of self-awareness.

Also, the programme gave me a greater understanding of what coaching for strategy really means, the impact of culture within an organisation, which books are recommended to read, and how to approach a code of ethics, contract setting and accountability within the relationship between coach and coachee, mentor and mentee.

Applying the learning

The learnings will greatly benefit my role. I hope it will improve working relationships, help me to implement the power of listening, appreciate the individuality of the people whom I coach and mentor, and allow them to discover what they already know and what they need to achieve their goals.


An excellent course delivered by excellent tutors Pierson Stratford and Alex Firmin.

Both shared their wisdom and style with ease and generosity. The sessions were inspiring and felt personal to the group, with plenty of room to go off track or delve deeper into an issue. We felt supported to have a go!

The course was well-structured and had flexibility to allow for spontaneous discussion and reflection. All sessions, including breakouts, were expertly crafted and managed over Zoom with fantastic support from Chloe and Geneva.

I would absolutely recommend this course. It was extremely well-organised and developed, with excellent content and lots of time to practise, reflect and delve deeper into the models. It left me with lots of ideas and plenty to digest.

Working with delegates from other fields was a breath of fresh air and led to fruitful and interesting discussions. We all plan to keep in touch and support each other through assignments and early coaching experiences.

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