As a successful business executive, you will know the value of networking with peers at well organised, stimulating events and conferences. But they’re not all like that. Dull speakers, poor logistics and tired topics – each can make you regret the time you’ve wasted attending.

In Summits is the events and conference arm of In Professional Development.

We know how much kudos and contacts can be derived from hosting an event that really adds value for its participants. That’s why we organise high-quality, content-driven events and programmes that enable specialist communities to meet, connect, network and share knowledge.

Our offer spans many sectors including health and social care, education and technology, providing stimulating thought leadership together with platforms for connecting and collaborating, giving our customers real advantage. Our leading events provide memorable experiences, complemented by year-round multi-format content, networking opportunities and capability enhancing tools and programmes.

In Summits goes beyond the traditional event experience to deliver enhanced learning and networking opportunities. We offer continued learning through our extensive portfolio of white papers, infographics, videos, case studies, tailored research and data products to keep you ahead of your industry.

Our membership base extends your networking beyond the event to a broader community of likeminded people. Our expertise across a number of sectors provides unrivalled learning and networking.


Our Events and Conferences Delivery Partners

We often team up with event and conference partners to bring you a highly engaging programme of professional conferences and seminars. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the event sector. In Professional Development will work closely with our partner to offer the best events in the calendar.

Our partners are the UK’s premier provider of engaging and trending events, delivering specifically tailored events per year. Every year, thousands of delegates attend their events from diverse industries and background in Local Authorities, Government Departments and Agencies, Manufacturing, IT, Energy, Academics, Financial Services and more.

Our partners believe everyone deserves their say on the public policy issues which affect their professional and personal lives. When decisions are taken by policymakers in Parliament, by regulators or by local councils they impact real people, their families and their businesses. It is only right that then they have their voice heard during decision making. Our partners create conferences, forums and roundtables on pertinent public policy issues to facilitate discussion between policymakers, those from industry, charities, academics and other opinion formers.


Commercial partners and sponsorship

We work closely with a select number of commercial partners and event sponsors on many of our events.

By sponsoring, exhibiting or speaking at an event, our commercial partners have a unique opportunity to showcase their company value to an audience of senior decision makers and topic experts from across the public and private sector. Through our partnerships, we deliver tremendously successful intimate conferences, targeting the exact delegates with the strongest of stakeholders all in one room.

Commercial partners are given the opportunity to directly communicate and demonstrate their products and services to an increasing number of qualified professionals, decision makers and senior buyers who attend our events each year. Due to our exclusive offering, sponsorship opportunities sell out quickly and we only have limited exhibition spaces available, so if you are interested please do get in touch sooner rather than later!

Contact our Commercial Partnership Manager | Telephone 0161 509 2999 | Email:

We will work with you to create a presence at our Conference that meets your goals and budget.

Our events help our commercial partners:

  • Build relationships with senior public and private sector decision makers
  • Perform live demonstrations of your work in the exhibition area
  • Increase brand awareness through logos and information on our website and email marketing campaigns
  • Be part of the event agenda and speak alongside politicians, senior civil service professionals & key decision makers


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Why Choose INPD

In Professional Development provides accredited leadership and management courses, transforming the learning of professionals across every sector.

From your first contact with us, we will help you tailor the precise training you or your company needs.

That’s the INPD way.

Benefits of using INPD

  • Our courses and programmes are delivered face-to-face in modern, convenient locations and can also be delivered in house on your premises
  • Receive maximum return on your training and development investment
  • Get involved in high-quality, content-driven events and programmes that enable specialist communities to meet, connect, network and share knowledge