INPD Consults is the consultancy arm of In Professional Development, providing services to the Further and Higher Education sector and the wider Public sector.

The need to diversify income sources and commercialise services across the sector has never been greater, creating an opportunity for institutions to expand their current enterprise activity. We provide a 360-degree solution, offering ways to commercialise an institution’s expertise and giving support and guidance as any subsequent product is launched into the marketplace.

With a wealth of experience commercialising services and demonstrable success in the education sector, the team at in>pd will work with you to achieve your strategic and commercial goals.

Our support will help you address key commercial priorities at institutional, faculty, departmental, service or programme level and work with you to lead and manage change in your institution, ensuring strategic commercial priorities are embedded in a way that impacts positively on core metrics and key performance indicators.

How can we help with your consultancy needs?

  1. Business planning and commercial strategy development – key to achieving your strategic goals and delivering commercially successful projects is a well-defined strategy. Our team will work with you to develop a commercial strategy that ensures you focus your efforts and resources efficiently to maximise value and return. Effective business planning and strategy development is crucial in setting a clear vision and direction.
  2. Project delivery – we understand the challenges and pitfalls when delivering commercially focused projects. Often strategic goals and commercial objectives are not delivered due to poor project execution and delivery. in> Consults has the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure all commercial activity delivers its projected financial returns.
  3. Product development and review – with a strong commercial background in the education sector our team specialise in identifying and building commercial and market ready propositions. We will work with your departments to identify, review and refine existing commercial products. Additionally, our experts will build on your core competencies and build new and commercially attractive products.
  4. Pricing and positioning – Our team have a unique insight in to education and professional development sector. Through intense market research, competitor analysis and a detailed target market analysis we will work with you develop a pricing and position strategy that achieves your commercial and strategic objectives. Crucially, this approach will feed in to a strong and effective marketing and sales strategy, maximising your marketing resources
  5. Sales and marketing – Whether you want to increase income, generate more leads, attract new customers, increase interaction with clients or boost commercial revenue streams our team can help your institution achieve its goals. In>Consults can support your sales and marketing efforts in a number of ways, from working directly with your existing resources to identifying key partners and expertise that can help you achieve your commercial ambitions.
  6. Staffing, structure and culture – Building the right team and fostering a commercial culture is central to success. We appreciate the challenges around attracting and growing high performing teams and understand the operational structures, metrics, performance measures and incentive structures required to deliver success. We can support you to ensure you build a team, structure and culture that delivers sustainable success


Commercial Opportunity Analysis

Speak to us today about our free Commercial Needs Analysis (COA). Our team will work with you to truly understand your commercial needs and goals. Through consultation we will build a detailed and robust analysis of your core competencies; aligning them to current and future market needs. The consultancy process will provide a clear picture of the commercial opportunities along with the risks, resources and action needed to deliver success and generate additional commercial streams.

The aim of the COA is to:

  • Review organisational core competencies and align against market opportunities
  • Identify, define and prioritise key commercial opportunities for your institution.
  • Review existing commercial activity to minimise low margin activity and increase higher margin activity
  • Outline and define risks associated with strategic commercial options
  • Define resource requirements (people, systems, tools, skills) to deliver commercial opportunities identified.
  • Identify key internal and external stakeholders
  • Provide a financial overview detailing the commercial opportunity V costs

Develop and grow your own commercial CPD Unit

Our team of experts and strategic partners will work with you to establish and grow a CPD offering or initiate commercial Business Unit. Our experts will provide ongoing management support right through until you’ve created a standalone and sustainable business.

We specialise in the creation and delivery of academic and industry-led programmes to a diverse audience. A strong CPD unit generates income, has a positive impact on student numbers and delivers excellent programmes, enhancing the reputation of all involved.

Gunnercooke Consulting LogoOur support will help you address key commercial priorities at institutional, faculty, departmental, service or programme level and work with you to lead and manage change in your institution, ensuring strategic commercial priorities are embedded in a way that impacts positively on core metrics and key performance indicators.

Our aim is also to help you widen access to education and provide a fulfilling, challenging and intellectually stimulating experience to enable learners to reach their maximum potential.

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