The CMI Level 7 Leading Through Change Programme aims to provide leaders with the knowledge and practice of key approaches to lead change effectively through crises and challenge.

During times of change, the leader’s personal and professional resilience is stress-tested.  Relationships can be lost.  Systems and processes of organisations can break down.  The leader is often faced with wicked problems and diminishing resources to deal with them. However, change always brings opportunity for those with a creative and entrepreneurial Growth Mindset.  Leaders who thrive under challenging circumstances have:

  • the resilience, mindset and skills to identify opportunities that new situations bring,
  • the ability to effectively communicate new plans.
  • the emotional intelligence to re-orientate and motivate their colleagues to achieve new goals, and let go of old ones that are no longer relevant.

Through attendance on this course, we will examine the psychological and practical impact of change and uncertainty.  We will introduce research-based models for navigating the organisation through the fog, and which will increase the chances of coming out the other side stronger and with new competitive advantages.  This is a highly interactive programme which will focus on the practical application of psychologically based theories for real-world impact.

Learners will feel empowered to return to their organisations with a structured plan to overcome adversity and the confidence to apply and communicate strategies for success.


Who the course is for?

Designed for those with a minimum 3 years senior management experience including managers, senior leaders, business owners, Board Members, CEOs and trustees.

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Learning objectives

  • Examine evidence-based insights into how change impacts individuals, teams, and organisations.
  • Examine the psychology and neuroscience of change and stress, and how to engage with this as a manager.
  • Coach, mentor and communicate strategically, with authenticity and emotional intelligence.
  • Learn to apply a range of tools and frameworks to orientate yourself, and the organisation, to the current situation, and quickly establish new objectives.
  • Review strategies to effectively communicate with colleagues and clients during the change process.
  • Propose a contextualised strategy for leading change in your organisation.
  • Understand how to build personal, team and organisational resilience for the longer term.

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This course is for you if you want to:

  • Understand how change impacts individuals, teams, and organisations
  • Lead change effectively through times of challenge and crisis
  • Coach, mentor and communicate strategically
  • Learn to re-orientate and motivate colleagues to achieve new goals
  • Understand how to build personal, team and organisational resilience

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