A 1 day masterclass held at venues across the UK, this course is one of our Essential Business Toolkit Series.

The one-day Cyber Security masterclass course serves as an introduction to the exciting field of cybersecurity. It is designed to raise your awareness of the risks to online security and will help you understand what measures can be taken to prevent yourself and your workplace from becoming victim to a cyber-attack.

The course helps learners to develop an awareness of common cyber risks, including phishing, malware and identity theft, and provides practical tips that can be applied in the workplace to prevent unauthorised access to confidential information.

It is one of our Essential Business Toolkit Series. The course can be taken on its own or as part of the series. By attending this course, you will gain invaluable insights from industry experts in to new ways of working, innovative concepts and the latest theories that can be applied instantly on returning to your own organisation.

There are currently no dates available for this course.
However, we can tailor this course to your company via the virtual classroom or at a location of your choice.

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Learning objectives

Through interactive presentations and open discussion, the facilitators will deliver a thought-provoking session, providing you with the key information, details and facts needed in an engaging and memorable environment: By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Explain basic cyber security terminology; have skills for keeping up to date on cyber security issues; and be able to identify information assets;
  • Describe basic authentication mechanisms; have skills to improve their password security; and be aware of alternative authentication methods;
  • Identify main malware types; awareness of different malware propagation methods; and skills for preventing malware infections;
  • Explain basic networking concepts; be aware of network security challenges; and have knowledge of key networking standards;
  • Describe cryptography terminology; be able to use cryptography for email; be aware of applications of cryptography;
  • Demonstrate understanding of firewalls, virtual private networks and network intrusion detection and prevention technologies;
  • Describe legal and regulatory issues relating to cyber security; and understand how to recover from security failures.;
  • Apply basic risk analysis and management techniques.

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