A 2 day module held at venues across the UK.

The Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors course reflects current practice in the Directors’ role in strategy and allows delegates to develop and expand their understanding in the application of strategic deployment in the workplace.

This two-day course outlines the current thinking of the role of the Director and Board in the formation and execution of organisational strategy. The module will give delegates an essential understanding of the key role of Directors in strategic direction, mapping the strategic process, and directing implementation. Packed with examples of best practice, the course will explore how to create, develop and deliver organisation wide strategies that achieve their objectives and deliver real value for the company. The module will give Directors a better understanding of the strategic process and a renewed confidence around the formation, development and implementation of company strategies.

Crucially, the programme provides clarity and support to Directors around their role and responsibilities on strategic thinking, strategic decision making, strategic planning, and strategy execution.

You will be encouraged to consider your own role, Board and organisation, bringing relevant issues and challenges to share, discuss and develop solutions. This two-day programme will give you the essential knowledge, skills and confidence to improve your performance as a Director and that of the Board’s.

You can find a detailed breakdown of the course in the Agenda section below.


Who is this course for?

Whether you are an experienced long serving, newly appointed or an aspiring Director, this course will give you a fresh and unique insight into challenging but critical processes of effective strategic development and management.


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Nov 11th, 2019 - Nov 12th, 2019 2 places remaining
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Jan 16th, 2020 - Jan 17th, 2020 2 places remaining
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Mar 24th, 2020 - Mar 25th, 2020 7 places remaining
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Learning objectives

  • A clear understanding of the Board’s and Director’s role in strategy development;
  • Develop critical thinking skills required to successfully develop and implement a coherent and effective organisational strategy;
  • Understand how an effective Board and senior leadership team creates, implements and manages organisational strategy;
  • An understanding of the key elements of effective design, planning, research and stakeholder engagement;
  • Articulate the importance of a well-developed strategy with clear vision, objectives and values;
  • Be able to deploy a range of techniques and tools for effective strategic thinking;
  • Improved problem solving and analytical thinking skills;
  • An understanding of the range of tools and techniques in the delivery of a strategic plan;
  • Be well equipped to assess the strategic landscape, analysing the key strategic considerations both internally and externally to the organisation;
  • Recognition of where gaps in strategy exist, the risks and the best way to respond;
  • Develop and review strategic options and undertake situation and risk appraisal;
  • Increased confidence to challenge and influence board level decisions and company direction;
  • Coherent strategies for shaping and influencing change and transformation;

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer discounts for group bookings on the Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors course?

A: If you are booking multiple delegates onto one of our training courses, we can look at providing funding from our academic partners to help towards the costs.

If you have 7 or more delegates that require training you may find it more cost effective to book an in-house training course. Let us bring the learning to you!

Q: Is there an option to deliver this course at my company address to a group of employees?

A: The Advanced Strategic Planning course is part of our Directors Development Programme, which means there are lots of options available for attendance at this course.

The Directors Development Programme is made up of 5 modules, you can attend these modules separately, or all in one go with our fast track 5 day DDP Accelerator course.

Whether you decide to attend the Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors course as a standalone module, or to complete the full programme, we can deliver the training at a time, date and place to suit you.

Speak to one of our education consultants to find out more about our in-house training options.


You can see all of our frequently asked questions on our FAQs page.

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