A 2 day module held at venues across the UK.

The Finance for Non-Finance Directors course equips all Director's so they can recognise and be confident with key financial concepts, terminology and reports that provide insight in to the financial position of any organisation.

Helping non-finance directors to use and understand the financial numbers in their business, this course will provide candidates with the essential skills and knowledge to interpret key financial statements, models and ratios. Directors will be well placed to ask the right questions, make informed decisions and prioritise where to focus their energy and company resources. This module will give non-finance Directors the confidence to better scrutinise financial reports and challenge finance professionals in a positive and constructive way. Delegates will take away a vital understanding of financial strategy and improve financial planning.

You can find a detailed breakdown of the course in the Agenda section below.


Who is this course for?

This module is for Directors, business leaders and senior professionals who are required to use, interpret or produce financial information but have had little or no formal training within the field of finance. We recommend participants have a minimum 3-5 years of senior management experience.


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Jan 29th, 2020 - Jan 30th, 2020 1 places remaining
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Apr 21st, 2020 - Apr 22nd, 2020 10 places remaining
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Jun 10th, 2020 - Jun 11th, 2020 10 places remaining
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Learning objectives

On completion of this module, delegates will be equipped to:

  • Understand how a robust financial strategy can help drive value within the organisation
  • Challenge financial proposals, business plans, projections and reports
  • Analyse, interpret and evaluate key financial data, models and reports
  • Review and assess the financial health and position of the organisation
  • Make balanced, informed Board level decisions based on a deep understanding of financial data
  • Better understand the financial challenges within the business environment and apply best practice
  • Confidently interrogate financial data and challenge financial reports
  • Recognise and comply with the statutory and other requirements relating to Company Director roles and responsibilities
  • Deploy the principles of good governance and best practice, ensuring your organisation is operating with greater effectiveness
  • Identify the Director’s legal obligations in relation to finance issues
  • Identify, evaluate and manage financial risk
  • Communicate more confidently and effectively with Directors and senior leaders on financial issues
  • Confidently challenge and influence Board level decisions and company direction based on a sound grasp of financial concepts
  • Evaluate the practical implications of investment decisions and acquisitions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m looking for a finance training course that will teach me the basics of finance. Is the Finance for Non-Finance course suitable for someone with limited financial knowledge?
A: Delegates do not require any previous experience or qualifications in finance, but we do recommend that delegates have a minimum of 3-5 years experience in a management role.
As a manager, director, business leader or senior professional you may need to interpret or produce financial information as part of your role. This training course will help you to understand the finances within your business.

Q: Do you have customer testimonials for this finance course that you can share with me?
A: Speak to one of our education consultants to get access to all of our customer testimonials and delegate lists.
You can also review our five star feedback on independent review platform, Trustpilot.


You can see all of our frequently asked questions on our FAQs page.

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