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Developing ‘Emotional Intelligence’ skills and competencies is especially important for professionals in a leadership and management position. Leaders with a strong mixture of emotional awareness, self-management, and social skills navigate professional relationships more effectively. This skill set is a crucial component of leading highly engaged, motivated and successful teams.

Emotional Intelligence combined with technical competence enables individuals, teams and organisations to perform optimally on a consistent basis.

When you are intelligent about your emotions, you’re aware that the hardest work is managing the emotions that get in the way of your best performance.

The Emotional Intelligence for Leaders course will enable you to assess and build your own emotional intelligence and leadership skills. You will learn techniques to better manage behaviours that hold you back from optimal performance. Attendees will develop strategies to build and maintain better, more productive relationships. The course will explore effective communication and influencing techniques that can be deployed instantly in the workplace.

You can find a detailed breakdown of the course in the Agenda section below.


Who is this course for? 

This training course is for all leaders and managers aiming to maximise their own emotional intelligence and that of their team or organisation.

The course is open to anyone in a management and leadership capacity who wishes to develop and enhance their intra and interpersonal skills. The training course is ideal for:

  • Heads of organisations
  • Heads of department
  • Mid to senior leaders
  • Business owners


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Feb 11th, 2020 - Feb 11th, 2020 10 places remaining
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Learning objectives

This Emotional Intelligence for Leaders course is thought-provoking, inspiring and explores ideas that can be applied in the real world. The course will motivate and challenge you to become a better leader. Through attendance delegates will be able to:

  • Understand and define emotional intelligence, it’s core elements and why it’s important
  • Apply the concept of emotional intelligence to a positive effect in a professional environment
  • Develop your own emotional awareness and self confidence
  • Understand the difference between IQ and emotional intelligence and its value
  • Build more effective and productive professional relationships
  • Relate more effectively to colleagues
  • Develop effective communication techniques and be able to communicate in an emotionally intelligent way
  • Demonstrate empathy in a wide range of situations
  • Understand how emotions affect behaviour and performance and techniques to manage emotions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have held a senior managers position for the last 5 years. Will this course be relevant to me?
A: Yes, our Emotional intelligence for Leaders training course is ideal for Heads of organisations, Heads of departments, Middle level – Senior leaders and business owners. It will provide you with a fresh look at effective influencing and communications techniques within your workplace.

Q: What is the Emotional Intelligence for Leaders course?

A: This course is designed to help leaders assess and build their own emotional intelligence skills. Giving delegates access to the latest tools, industry knowledge and learning techniques to better manage behaviours that can hold people back from their optimal performance.

Q: How long is this course and where will it be held?

A: This course is a 1-day module that will start at 9am and finish around 5pm. Each cohort will either be held in central Manchester or London.

You can see all of our frequently asked questions on our FAQs page.

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