Our Mini MBA Programme for Educational Leaders offers Leaders and aspiring Leaders the opportunity to take control of their development in a time sensitive and cost-effective way. This intense, fast track, 5-day programme, provides maximum impact for a minimal investment in time and money.

The Mini MBA for Educational Leaders programme is designed for those with a minimum 3 years management experience and provides the core material expected from a high-quality MBA programme. The Programme is practical, detailed and highly interactive with expert facilitators and thought-leaders. The Mini MBA will equip delegates with practical information and core competencies that they can apply quickly on the job. This is a practical, detailed and highly interactive course with recognised speakers and thought-leaders who will help you with improving board effectiveness and increasing your contribution to the Board.

The training and development of educational leaders and managers is an essential investment for any educational institution that intends to operate at its greatest effectiveness. 

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Learning objectives

The Executive Mini MBA (PGCert) for Education Leaders provides the essential framework necessary to better understand all functional areas of an organisation and assists in developing skills to better direct important decisions. During the programme, you will gain:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the key business concepts
  • A framework for making better strategic business decisions
  • An increased ability to think critically and act strategically
  • An increased confidence in your ability to communicate effectively
  • A solid platform on which to make strategic, technical, financial and management decisions that are reliable, well-grounded and commercially viable

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