A 2 day module held at venues across the UK, this course reflects current practice in Managing Processes and Projects and allows delegates to develop, explore and expand their high-level understanding. Delegates will engage in a range of group and individual workshop activities where role play, scenario setting, thought leadership activity and didactic learning will take place.

They will develop awareness for the best use of resources, understand the need to innovate and optimise performance and manage excellence. Strategic and operational improvement planning and delivery will encompass a range of current thinking and tools to leverage improvements in customer satisfaction, product and service improvement.

This module is centred on the core belief that it is important that our delegates ensure all learnings are passed on to improve future projects. Lessons need to be recorded, acted upon and embedded into ways of working that become repeatable in the organisation. When necessary, changing the way you operate means the same mistakes will not be made again and this – along with repeating the methods that have been successful – is a better building block for future project success.

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Learning objectives

  • Knowledge of how the principles of Lean Six Sigma are applied to deliver meaningful change;
  • An understanding of how to identify opportunities to remove waste from processes;
  • The ability to use visual management to monitor performance;
  • Possession of a range of models to apply in the workplace;

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