This 3-day Office 365 Organisational Transformation Programme aims to upskill leaders and managers on how the suite of Office 365 apps can be developed to transform the performance, productivity and operation of any organisation.

Many companies currently use Microsoft Office 365 or are about to embark on the journey, but do they really know how to use it to its full potential to transform their organisation?

Aimed specifically at non-IT professionals, it offers a unique insight into how the suite of Microsoft Office 365 apps can be used and combined to build innovative and creative operational systems and solutions to help drive change and transformation.

Best of all the technology being showcased you already have (if you have Office 365) and the vast benefits can be immediate and significant. You will leave this course confident about how to exploit the full capabilities of Office 365 and know how to maximise your investment, reduce future costs and enhance your working environment.

You will find endless courses on each individual app, but this one covers them all.


Who is this programme for? 

  • Aimed specifically at non-IT professionals
  • Directors
  • Business owners
  • Heads of departments
  • Business improvement specialists
  • Data / business analysts
  • Operational professionals

There are currently no dates available for this course.
However, we can tailor this course to your company via the virtual classroom or at a location of your choice.

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Learning objectives

  • An understanding of how your organisation can implement no/low cost performance savings delivering significant value.
  • Detailed knowledge and an in-depth understanding of Office 365 and how it can be utilised across your business.
  • The role of different teams across your organisations and how you are able to embed the new technology that you now have access too.
  • How business users can work with on a daily basis the different Office 365 applications.
  • A technical understanding of the Microsoft cloud and how this has enabled seamless integrations across all the application.
  • A detailed understanding of the more complex side of Office 365, these aspects can determine how successful business wide applications can be used

There are many courses on the marketplace that focus on each individual app, but the Office 365 Organisational Transformation Programme covers them all.

Office 365 Apps

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What is this programme?

Our Office 365 Organisational Transformation programme has been designed to educate users on how to get the most out of Microsoft Office. Aimed specifically at non-IT specialists, the course will give you the knowledge and understanding required to use the suite of apps to their full potential, allowing you to transform your organisation.

Are there any pre-requisites to attend this course?

We usually ask for 3 years management experience for any of our courses. Our courses have been designed to certify your working experience through course attendance.

You can see all of our frequently asked questions on our FAQs page.

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This course is for you if you want to:

  • Develop your knowledge of Office 365 and how to use it in your business
  • Learn how to implement no/low cost processes that deliver significant value
  • Learn about Microsoft Cloud and the seamless integrations across applications
  • Know how successful business wide applications can be used

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