The Strategic Leadership Programme provides professionals with the framework to enhance and maximise their strategic leadership performance and become more resilient and emotionally intelligent in their approach.

This postgraduate accredited strategic leadership training course has been designed to provide the skills, tools and knowledge that you require to operate effectively in constantly changing and challenging environments

Participants will get the chance to develop a detailed understanding of leadership styles and their impact on others. You will develop skills to manage resistance to change and lead effectively in challenging circumstances.

The programme will help attendees successfully lead and manage their organisations and be able to put effective strategy into action.


Who is this programme for? 

This programme has been designed for Managers, Directors and senior stakeholders with a minimum of 3 years senior management experience.


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Feb 21st, 2022 - Feb 25th, 2022 3 places remaining
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May 23rd, 2022 - May 27th, 2022 11 places remaining
Virtual Classroom
£2,500 +VAT

Learning objectives

  • Develop a clear understanding of your psychological working preferences using the 5 Factor Model.
  • Define your own professional values, beliefs and drivers as a strategic leader.
  • Use the ‘Observer Self’ concept to review and improve how you lead projects and programmes and interact with others.
  • Define the factors that differentiate Strategic Leadership from Operational Leadership and how to make the transition.
  • Review your internal (people) strategy. Apply models of situational leadership, coaching, mentoring and facilitation to enhance the capabilities of your team and develop a succession plan.
  • Critically review your organisational culture, utilising cultural analysis and examine how this impacts your strategy.
  • Review your external (commercial) strategy. Clarify your Vision, examine how events in the macro-environment are affecting your organisation and how you are responding to this.
  • Analytical strategy. Utilise analytical tools and models to analyse relevant strategic problems and paradoxes and develop strategies to engage with them.
  • Creative strategy. Engage with creative approaches to reframe the organisational reality, and identify original, innovative solutions that will create new avenues for the organisation and your career.
  • Evaluate strategic change. Use intelligence-based models to assess the impact of internal and externally driven change.
  • Manage strategic change. Assess the practical and psychological effect of change, and utilise Agile principles to iterate and develop your strategy in response.
  • Develop peer reviewed, real world, evidence based strategy, drawing on the most relevant tools and theory for your organisation’s culture and your leadership approach.

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This course is for you if you want to:

  • Define the factors that differentiate Strategic Leadership from Operational Leadership
  • Define your own professional values, beliefs and drivers
  • Critically review your organisational culture
  • Use intelligence-based models to evaluate strategic change

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