A 2 day course held at venues across the UK.

Marketing Directors are responsible for their organisation's marketing and communications strategies and activities, as well as overall branding and image. The Marketing Director is one of the most important roles in an organisation, often reporting directly to the Chief Executive, and they are usually Board members.

The Role of the Marketing Director course will cover what we define as the ‘Eight Skills of a Marketing Director’:

  • Strategic Thinking: a key responsibility is to set the strategic direction of marketing activities, so the Marketing Director must be experienced in thinking strategically
  • Leadership: it's vital the Marketing Director shows leadership capabilities with a large team of marketing staff
  • Communication: being able to communicate ideas clearly, and remaining visible to the department and board, is vital for a Marketing Director.
  • Change Management: the Marketing Director must be able to adapt to a world where change is frequent and unpredictable
  • Calm Under Pressure: changes bring pressure and in a performance driven sector, a marketing leader must keep their focus, especially in times of challenge
  • Results Driven: a focus on results is necessary, as the performance of a Marketing Director will be judged by the sales and/or results of the company
  • Technical Knowledge: understanding how technology is shaping the modern commercial environment is vital for a Marketing Director
  • Innovative: a successful company will develop a culture of innovation; nowhere is this more apparent than marketing, especially when getting products to market

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Learning objectives

Attendance at the ‘Role of the Marketing Director’ will help you become a more effective leader. It will arm delegates with the knowledge and practical skills required for developing, implementing and proactively leading and managing a successful organisation.

On completion of the course, delegates will understand the responsibilities of a Marketing Director:

  • Strategy setting: the Marketing Director is responsible for setting the marketing and brand strategy of the company, both short and long term
  • Strategy implementation: leading implementation, including campaigns, events, digital marketing, and PR; manage social media presence and direct programmes to improve social media reputation and recognition
  • Recruitment: to deliver these strategies, it is vital to successfully recruit a team to achieve the goals
  • Communication: the Marketing Director has responsibility for ensuring marketing goals are communicated effectively across the team
  • New product launch: this will be a key part of the Marketing Director’s performance and measurement of success
  • Working with others: working closely with the Product Management team to define marketing materials and programmes, and with the Sales team, so they can meet their objectives with appropriate tools, materials and presentations
  • Market analysis: undertaking continuous analysis of the competitive environment and consumer trends
  • Networking: representing their organisation effectively in the community at networking events and conferences
  • Leadership: the marketing team will perform against the leadership standards set by the Director
  • Ideation: an element of creativity is vital for a Marketing Director, to come up with new marketing strategies
  • Performance management: with success derived from the team’s performance, it may mean the Marketing Director has to take responsibility for any underperformance

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